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In mid-April, Thrivent will host a special, one-of-a-kind collection making its first-ever U.S. stop—right at the Thrivent Art Gallery in downtown Minneapolis. Stay tuned for more details on how you can experience this exhibition for yourself.


Sculpture by late renowned artist Richard Hunt featured outside Thrivent's downtown Minneapolis office.
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Stirring the World: Printmaking in the Age of Luther

The Reformation era boldly shaped the development of our modern world and forged pathways for diverse belief systems existing today. Artistic and cultural advancements of the time were vital in forming our modern sensibility of free self-expression. The 15th-century invention of the printing press represented transformative technology that expanded the ability to think differently and communicate widely.

In marking the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, the Thrivent Art Collection presents "Stirring the World: Printmaking in the Age of Luther"—a collaborative exhibition with the Center Art Gallery, Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The exhibition considers contextual history surrounding the Reformation period including the onset of the Renaissance, a growing interest in humanism, the invention of the printing press, and print culture of the time. Exploring this historic period and its artistic progressions—from new kinds of subject matter and media to individual artists’ contributions—illuminates how art reflected many of the extraordinary shifts occurring across society.

Hans Brosamer (German, 1506–1554), Portrait of Martin Luther, c. 1540. Hand-colored woodcut (detail).