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Take a look through our extensive collection of nearly 2,000 works of art. From historical, religious art to dynamic, contemporary art, you’re bound to discover something new.

Coming soon

In mid-April, Thrivent will host a special, one-of-a-kind collection making its first-ever U.S. stop—right at the Thrivent Art Gallery in downtown Minneapolis. Stay tuned for more details on how you can experience this exhibition for yourself.


Sculpture by late renowned artist Richard Hunt featured outside Thrivent's downtown Minneapolis office.
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Our history

For over 40 years, the Thrivent Art Collection has existed to preserve history and be a shared educational and cultural resource. From historical and modern examples of religious art to secular contemporary art—our unique, nearly 2,000-piece collection offers something for everyone. And stands as a holistic representation of who we are and those we serve.

Within the Thrivent Collection of Religious Art, specifically, you’ll find meaningful insights about history and theology, as well as connections to the present day. This collection has been shared across the country through exhibitions, special events and educational talks. It has received local, national and global recognition for its excellence and programming.

1982: Forming the Collection of Religious Art

Since 1982, our collection has served as a compelling way to represent religious subject matter expressive of Thrivent’s ties to the Christian faith through exploration of the Christian tradition—from the 13th century to present day. The collection specializes in original works on paper. These distinctive aspects set it apart from other corporate collections.

A wide array of original art by some of the most recognized artists in Western art history are included, from Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt van Rijn to Édouard Manet, Grace Hartigan, John Wilson and Elizabeth Catlett. Themes and subjects from scripture have inspired centuries of artists. Architectural studies, landscapes, portraits of historic figures and abstract works all help tell the story of Christianity.

2001: Changing the name

For its first 19 years, the collection was known as the Lutheran Brotherhood Collection of Religious Art. The name changed along with that of the organization when the two fraternal benefit societies, Lutheran Brotherhood and Aid Association for Lutherans, merged to create Thrivent.

2018: Adding the Collection of Contemporary Art

In 2018, the Collection of Contemporary Art was established to enhance and expand the Thrivent Art Collection. It serves to create an inspirational environment and reflect the multifaceted world in which we live.

Diversity of artist background, imagery and media are foundational. Paintings, prints, sculpture, collage, photography and fiber arts are included. And emerging artists from around the world are featured alongside internationally recognized names. This special collection strives to be inclusive and reflective of Thrivent’s workforce, our clients and the greater community—evoking joy and contemplation.

Engaging and collaborating with contemporary artists is a special aspect of this collection. Magnificent sculptures have been commissioned for Thrivent’s Minneapolis headquarters, including:
  • Rising by Richard Hunt. An abstract stainless-steel sculpture located on the entrance plaza, welcoming employees and visitors to the building.
  • Portrait of a Southern Sky by artist-designer Benjamin Ball of Ball-Nogues Studio. Installed at the top of the building’s main staircase, this large, adorned fabric sculpture depicts the cosmos at night.
  • Riding the Wave by Marela Zacarías. Installed in the lobby, this sculpture combines influences from 20th-century abstract painting with global textile history and fabric.
These cornerstones of the collection exemplify the power of art to spark curiosity and wonder. And symbolize Thrivent’s spirit of growth and transformation.

Through thoughtful and dynamic installations, and direct collaboration with living artists, the Collection of Contemporary Art offers a fresh means of dialogue for our workforce and visitors. As well as a distinctive dimension of inclusivity. This bold collection aims to be at the forefront of innovative, enriching corporate collections.

Now & looking to the future

The Thrivent Art Collection continues to evolve, along with opportunities to educate, inspire and engage with the community. We look forward to creating new dialogues and forging new partnerships for years to come.